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Migration law

We are all foreigners, almost everywhere.

We are happy to help:

  • if you are looking for ways to consolidate your previous residence status in Germany (naturalization)
  • if you are at risk of expulsion or deportation
  • If you are in Germany illegally and looking for a way to get a secure legal stay or just right to leave the country
  • which specificities under the right of association apply to Turkish nationals
  • Under what conditions family reunification is possible
  • in visa procedure
  • Work permit law

Migration law allows migrants to become European citizens. The entry and exit in one of the respective country are taken into account. Migration is the immigration or emigration of a group of people into a particular country. In order for a migration to take place at all, however, some things have to be considered in advance: it is first checked whether the respective migrants have the right to enter the respective country at all. There are certain guidelines for the exam. The guidelines check the reason for entry. In addition, it is checked whether the persons arriving are an actual danger.